EMI Sports
EMI Sports

For Experienced or Beginning Refs

Whether you are a veteran referee, just completed your Entry Level Clinic or are a beginner, we can help you get more out of your referee experience.  Our group of assignors and leagues cover every level of competition you will need to grow.  Games are played in parks all over the city, state and region.

Help Getting Certified
If you have never been a certified referee or have let your certification lapse, you will need to take a clinic for your certification.  Some clinics are all online, some are all classroom and others are a combination of the two.  

Help Finding Assignors
Once you are certified, you will need to find an assignor and a league to begin refereeing.  Let us help place you with the right assignor and the right league so that you can grow as a referee and make the most of your referee experience!

Help Finding Leagues
If you are an experienced referee who wants to work more challenging games, see different levels of competition, get out of your backyard and work with top level referees or just looking for a way to make more money, we can help you!